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Cookies Policy

We use cookies on the Website in order to facilitate the navigation of visitors/users to its pages and information.

By "cookies" we mean small data/text files that are stored through the browser on the hard drive of the computer, tablet or mobile and are necessary for the smooth use of the Website. The use of cookies is done in order to better understand how the Website is used by its visitors/users. Cookies help the Website to store anonymous information such as the visitor's preferences or if he has visited the website or a specific page in the past.

They also do not store personal data and information that leads to the identification of that person even if they have been collected in another way. Cookies do not cause harm and do not transmit viruses to devices and are deleted after leaving the Website.

In case you do not want the collection of information through cookies, you can set the function of deleting all cookies from the hard drive through the browser you use and in addition select the blocking of cookies in the future by receiving a warning before saving of cookies.

Types of cookies we use to improve your experience

Cookies absolutely necessary

The absolutely necessary cookies are the ones that help the Website operate properly. These usually involve logging in to an account, completing an order, or completing a form.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help to measure the traffic of the Website in order to improve its performance in browsers. The information provided by performance cookies is the traffic within the website and the popularity of specific pages. This information is anonymous and in the case a user/visitor their prohibit cookies use. This means that the administrators do not know the traffic of the Website, and therefore its performance on the internet and the interested public.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies offer personalized and improved functionality of the website. They are appointed by the webmasters or by third parties providing related services that have been added to the site. Users/visitors who prohibit their use, may experience a malfunction of part or all of the services provided.

Cookies we use

Cookie     Cause

Session     The use of session cookies is made to offer a personalized experience in navigation, but also for the Cookies smooth operation of the Website  .

Google     Google Analytics helps users gather information about how the Website is used to improve the Analytics functionality, content, and experience of users/visitors.      

More information about data processing, the collection of information through cookies and the use of data and protection of personal data by third party companies, are included in the following links and can be consulted by anyone who wishes.

For Google at

Prevent the storage of cookies

The browser used by each user regulates the actions regarding the storage or not of the cookies on the hard disk. In addition, it is possible to ask for acceptance or rejection of the storage of cookies before using the website through your computer.

The user/visitor can also at any time delete the cookies that have been reactivated in the relevant browser settings:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Learn more about cookies:


Failure to store cookies will result in malfunction of the website.

Last Update: November 25, 2023

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