Jack Petrides, Jack's Pizza®

This is our Story...

We opened by Jack Petrides in 1969 in Engomi
at 42 Iacovou Patatsou Street.
We are the first pizzeria that operated in Cyprus.
In 1989 our shop moved to Strovolos,
at 1B Lechenon Street, where we are still today.
Since 1969 we have been choosing the finest
and the most fresh ingredients for you,
in order to offer you the best quality.
We promise you that we will continue to persevere
our traditional way as we do from the beginning!
Thank you for your preference. 
Is not just a pizza, It's The Jack's Pizza!
Bon appetit.

Jack Chimonides Di Santis
Grandson to the Founder  
The Jack's Pizza Nicosia